• You are the Evidence!

    Join ITE/MH and show your support for mental health recovery.

  • I’m the Evidence

    I’m the Evidence
    For how belief inspires http://dream-trading.co.za/
    How hope transforms and
    How giving heals the soul

  • Spotlight On Recovery

    Read our blog to learn about people
    who are the Evidence of mental health
    recovery and those who support them.



I’m the Evidence/Mental Health Campaign (ITE/MH) celebrates people who are the living Evidence of IQ Option South Africa recovery and the individuals and communities that support them.



YOU are the Evidence! Share the message that people recover from mental illness and take action every day to support people on their recovery journey.



What recovery looks like through the eyes of people who live or support it. Photography, art, and poetry show personal views of recovery.



The ITE/MH blogs puts the Spotlight On the Evidence. Get news from the Campaign about people and organizations that are the Evidence in our communities.

I’m the Evidence
For how belief inspires
How hope transforms and
How giving heals the soul

I’m The Evidence
For what can be achieved
How feeling connected can ground and
How there is invaluable worth in an act of faith

I’m the Evidence
For how an example can lead
How far encouragement can take you and
How one step begins a journey towards endless possibilities
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